Friday, 14 December 2012

Almost Home

So last night was my home town xmas concert, and I missed! I really wanted to make it this year too... I was at school of coarse school is where I always am... I miss my home town but where I am is a good place too. But thank god that xmas is coming up soon and I get too go home for awhile. I'll be able to go see everyone, people that I haven't seen n a long time. :)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Great Grandma

My sympathies to the loved family members of Great Grandma. We all loved her so much, she will never be forgotten. Her memory will stay with us forever. She was an amazing women she loved with her whole heart and soul, she never forgot anyone. Her passion of sewing showed with the quilts, and baby blankets.

Forever she will remain
happiness the family will  regain.
Memories, more for the making
protective embrace, strong but shaking.
Loved ones crowd 'round
tears fall down.
Thoughts of  "why, how?"
thinking"she is in a better place now."

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

To Be Sick.

I really don't like it when I have a cold. Especially now that its to the point where I feel like I have a thistle growing in the back of my throat. Not my best times, ha ha. My nose absolutely refuses to stop running as well.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Dirty Jobs

 These are real jobs that real people do for actual money. Some of them are crazy. I feel really sorry for some of these people.

Ribbon candy puller
   What they do: After a heated combination of sugar, corn syrup, water and coloring agent has cooled, batches of different colors are laid out side by side. Someone then pulls the candy thin until it’s about an inch wide. The final product is a multicolored hard candy.

This job really wouldn't all that bad if you really needed the money. I think I would do it if I had to do something. 

Flatulence smell-reduction underwear maker
   What they do: Create underwear that protect against bad human gas for people who suffer from gastrointestinal problems. The underwear is made with various materials and filters to help remedy hydrogen sulfide gases, the main offender in foul smells.

To make the underwear wouldn't be all that bad but to see if it works after it as been tested. I couldn't do it, that would just not sit well with me.

Breath odor evaluator   What they do: Odor judges smell breath or breath insulted with strong senses,  like garlic or coffee. They rate the breath on a scale from one to nine, one being the worst. To test odor-reducing products like gum or mouthwash, they smell the breath again and assign it a new rating.

This job wouldn't even be that bad. I think I would try it then when I knew what I got myself into I would probably have to stop and think.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I Want This Dog

I love the idea of owning a dog that is the size of a cow! The dog I want is a fairly common dog, the great dane.

Look at that dog, it huge I love it! i totally want one. I'm not too sure if i particularly like the pointy ears that this dog has, but I could easily get one with nice ears. More like this...

Here is the difference.

These dog just never skip a beat. They are so cute as puppies.

 See! These dogs are just the best, they are so big I want a Great Dane dog! 

Monday, 15 October 2012

Meaghan Rochelle Dierker!

Meaghan and I are close friends. I have just recently met her at the beginning of the school year. She and I both are boarders at the same school. Meaghan is a really cool person, she and I are really similar. We both play sports, we both live on farms one to two hours out of the city.

Meaghan is really cool, because she is just so bubbly. She is a great friend, she is way to nice for her own good. Her life seems so cool... Meaghan is so nice, if you were having a bad day she would stay by your side, if you tell her to leave she just does it no questions asked. She is like a puppy. Gotta luv it :) Meaghan is so much fun to be around she never has a negative attitude, she just lightens up the room.

Meaghan would do anything for anyone. Especially her family, Meaghan is an amazing person, to be so attached to her family but only be able to see them once every two weeks,  Meaghan does amazingly well for that part of things. She misses and loves her family so much. She is always telling stories about her family, and laughing. Thats is another thing, she is always laughing. Meaghan has a contagious laugh  it one of those ones that if you see it you con't help laughing back. Truth be told sometimes it is just the look on her face that you have to laugh at but come on if she is laughing too then no harm done right.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Asessippi trip!

When I was little my dad decided to take me, my sister, step mom, and my three step brothers to Asessippi for a weekend. It was so much fun. There was so many things to do. When I went though, I was really young so I didn't get to do any of this but I have been thinking, and now I really want to go back, maybe with some friends and just have fun. It would be great to go and see what all I remember, and what has all is a video of one of the events held at Asessippi... The Slush Cup.

Going to Asessippi really wouldn't very hard, just get someone to drive, everyone chips in for gas. Buy your own food and pay for your own stuff. Ha ha it would be so much fun.

Now I'm going to budget...

To get there... Easy enough just borrow someones vehicle. Everyone pitch in about 100 buck each... That should get us there? When we do finally get there, we will have a lot of fun things to do. stuff like..........->...




and there is hot chocolate!

I am so excited! I really really want to go back, I remember hen my dad took us the first time. Me, my sister, by brothers, and my step mom wanted to go tubing. So they sit me in a tube, hook me up to this  pulley rope thing and tell me to unhook myself when I get to the top! I was so scared, then when i got there a man helped me. Going down the hill was so much fun I must have went about thirty time. Ha ha the men must have been so sick of me ha ha!