Friday, 21 September 2012

Babe Ruth.

Babe Ruth!

In ELA class we had to do this persona essay, at first i was going to do Rick  Hanson. But then a friend told me that i should do Babe Ruth, turns out Babe ruth is really really cool! I learned allot and now i feel really sympathetic for Babe Ruth:/ Turns out that Babe, if you don't mind me calling him that hah, had seven siblings but only one of them lived passed infancy. his mom died of TB in his teen years. when he has seven his dad signed custody of him to catholic missionaries that ran an orphanage. while he was there a man called brother Matthias Boutlier taught him about baseball. Crazy! He was an amazing guy. If you want to no more consult in Wikipedia... 
Famous Words!... brought to you by Babe Ruth.

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