Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Board and Broke!

What to do, what to do. being broke, and board at the same time, what can I do?
1. Macaroni art!
2. Build a tower made of Q-tips.
3. Sing a silly song with squeak affect, and post it on you tube.
4. Go through you old stuff and donate what you don't need.
5. Build an indestructible card house. (this has been done!)
6. Have a picnic with a friend.
7. Adopt a puppy from the pound.
8. Watch old sad romance movies in the dark by yourself.
9.  Go out trick-or-treating even if its not Halloween.
10. Bake something.
11. Clean house.
12. Sing and dance to really loud music, as if no one was watching.
13. Work out, go for a run.
14. Blow bubbles in the house.
15. Trace over a really good drawing, and feel really proud of yourself.
16. Go with a friend out into the middle of the street, and laugh historically, as if someone said a joke. then slowly walk away.
17. Make a fort in your bedroom, and pretend to go somewhere.
18. Jump on the bed!
19. Write a letter to a friend, making all the letters backwards.
20. Randomly measure the walls of your house.
21. Make funny faces, and take pictures.


  1. You rebel blowing bubbles in the house (:

    1. !dnopser ot tub eciohc on evah I os ,tnemmoc ot woh tuo erugif t'nac I

      That was extremely difficult and I just realized I was writing backwards, backwards. INCEPTION, or is it, I dunno I've never seen that movie.. You must teach me how to build a tower of toothpicks, it is now on my bucket list.

  2. I jermp ern der berd errverry... nerrverr dern ert. Have a good day

  3. I have not built a fort i might try it someday

  4. I like the idea of making a tower of Q-tips. Will have to try one day.

  5. #17. I have made numerous forts! Out of pillows and blankets and chairs and noodles and cats and roadkill I foun don the highway. Let's just say it smell funky for a bit! But it's realllly fun! But put a fan in it because it gets very hot.
    The Fattest Dog of All

  6. it's bored not board. also i gave you the idea for Babe Ruth and my bangs aren't working today.

  7. #3 - Try helium! It's hilarious (in moderation of course). I sang "At Last" at my sister-in-law's wedding 4 summers ago, and at the reception I decided to inhale the balloon and try it again. It was super funny!