Monday, 15 October 2012

Meaghan Rochelle Dierker!

Meaghan and I are close friends. I have just recently met her at the beginning of the school year. She and I both are boarders at the same school. Meaghan is a really cool person, she and I are really similar. We both play sports, we both live on farms one to two hours out of the city.

Meaghan is really cool, because she is just so bubbly. She is a great friend, she is way to nice for her own good. Her life seems so cool... Meaghan is so nice, if you were having a bad day she would stay by your side, if you tell her to leave she just does it no questions asked. She is like a puppy. Gotta luv it :) Meaghan is so much fun to be around she never has a negative attitude, she just lightens up the room.

Meaghan would do anything for anyone. Especially her family, Meaghan is an amazing person, to be so attached to her family but only be able to see them once every two weeks,  Meaghan does amazingly well for that part of things. She misses and loves her family so much. She is always telling stories about her family, and laughing. Thats is another thing, she is always laughing. Meaghan has a contagious laugh  it one of those ones that if you see it you con't help laughing back. Truth be told sometimes it is just the look on her face that you have to laugh at but come on if she is laughing too then no harm done right.

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